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Stock # 103120
VIN # 3335

Our Price: Call 1-800-978-7223

 Continental Cargo Auto Master - Enclosed Trailer - VIN # : 3335
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103120 103120 103120 103120 103120

Click here to have a sales person contact you about this unit.

Stock # 103120
Listing Information
Continental Cargo
Auto Master
Ramp and Flap
ATP & Coin
Axle Size
Yes - Factory
This Listing has the following Options

  • E-Z, Fast Financing
  • 0 Down, Long Terms
  • 32' Auto Master
  • Call for Price & Availability
  • 3/5,200# Axles
  • 12" Extra High
  • 95" Extra Wide Ramp Door
  • Diamond Ice Int. Screwless Walls
  • Wire & Frame RV For Future A/C
  • Recessed Spare Tire Compartment
  • Upgraded 4' Lights to Diffused 
  • Wire & Framed Roof Vent
  • Adds All Items in the 110V Racer's Package
  • (5) 4' Fluorescent Lights with (1) Wall Switch
  • (2) 500-Watt Recessed Quartz Lights with (1) Wall Switch
  • (2) Interior Wall Recepts
  • Exterior Wall Recept with GFI
  • 30-Amp Panel, Motorbase Plug
  • Adds All Items in the Aluminum Package
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Brite Dip Aluminum Front Corners
  • Brite Dip Aluminum Rear Structure
  • 6" of Brite Dip Aluminum Along the Bottom of Both Sides .040 Exterior Metal (White or Black)
  • Rubber Floor Covering Front 8' w/ ATP Rear and on Ramp
  • Double 24" RV Doors with Piano Hinges and Flush Lock
  • L-Shaped Base Cabinet with Overhead and Wardrobe (Upgraded to Black)
  • Glued Interior Aluminum Wall Panels
  • Freezer-Type Ramp Door Latches
  • Race Mate (4) Piece Accessory Pack (Not Installed)  
  • 36" X 24" Vented Generator Door
  • 102" Wide Body Design
  • Ramp Door with Spring Assist
  • No-Show Beavertail
  • 48" Side Door with Flushlock and Steel Step
  • (4) 12-Volt Dome Lights with (2) Switches
  • Semi-Style Camlock Door Latches
  • Safety-Spring Chains on Side Door
  • Door Hold-Backs on All Doors
  • Torsion Wide-Track Axle
  • All-Wheel Electric Brakes with Breakaway
  • 12-Volt Breakaway Switch with Battery
  • E-Z Lube Hubs with Grease Caps
  • Silver "D" - Window Wheels
  • Chrome Center Caps
  • Radial Tires
  • 1-Piece Aluminum Roof
  • Mill-Finish Aluminum Top Rails
  • Insulated Ceiling with White Vinyl Liner w/ Metal Trim
  • 3/8" Plywood Wall Liner with Lauan Trim
  • Exterior ATP Fenders
  • 24" Aluminum Tread Plate Stoneguard
  • Stainless Steel Front Corner Posts
  • Cast Aluminum Front Corners & Rear Corners
  • Clear Lens LED Clearance Lights
  • Clear Lens LED Strip Tail Lights
  • Molded ABS License Plate Holder with Built-In Light
  • .030 Aluminum Screwless Exterior (Available in Multiple Colors)
  • Anodized Aluminum Wrap on Rear
  • Urethane coated tongue and rear member
  • Z-Tech Undercoated Frame
  • Welded Safety Chains
  • Full-Color Decals
  • Grease Zerks on Rear Ramp Hinges
  • Steel Sealed Sidewalls
  • (2) Non-Powered Roof Vents
  • 3/4" Plywood Floor with 4-5,000 lb. D-Rings
  • Factory Pickups in: IN, GA, TX & OR
  • (Price may vary depending on Factory Location)


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