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Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Enclosed cargo trailers are specialty vehicles used to haul property from place to place.  The type of cargo can be vastly different depending on your needs.  The cargo can be simple crated items on pallets to exotic cars.  Typically the cargo has one thing in common, that it needs to be protected from the weather and potentially damaging road debris such as rocks or parts that have fallen off other vehicles.

Enclosed Cargo Trailer Characteristics

The most important issue when designing enclosed trailers to be used for hauling cargo is to make sure you have enough space to haul your property.  Consider the length, width and height of the cargo to be transported.  Also consider the weight of the cargo.  Different size axles can be included on the trailer that will support the total weight of the cargo.  One more area for consideration is the tie down system.  When designing an enclosed cargo trailer, e-track is generally a good option if you do not have a consistent placement of cargo.  E-track delivers the flexibility to place a tie down every few inches.  For durability a different type of flooring may be used to cover the wood that the cargo will be placed on and the ramp the cargo will be loaded on.  Rubber coin flooring and aluminum tread plate provide extremely durable surfaces.

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